Working With Perth SEO Companies to Grow Your Brand

Working With Perth SEO Companies to Grow Your Brand

If you are a small business owner based in Australia, then working with a Perth SEO expert could be the answer to all of your brand building problems. Online marketing is not an easy undertaking, and it is incredibly important that the companies that you work with have good local knowledge. Perth SEO companies can help you because they have the expertise that you need to grow your business.

Many parts of SEO are things that you can do anywhere in the world. The technical side of SEO and a lot of the code-based on-site optimisations could be done just as well by someone from America or Europe as someone within Australia, but when it comes to link building and content marketing it makes sense to have your SEO done by someone who knows what they are doing in your local market.

The Internet allows people to do research on foreign countries and even a remote worker could get some kind of understanding of the geography in and around Perth, but there are some things that they will miss. They won’t know about your smallest local competitors. They won’t have an understanding of the slang that people in Perth use. They won’t understand the local events and holidays that the rest of the world doesn’t celebrate, and they aren’t going to keep up with the latest sporting events or other local news.

Why does that matter? Well, a huge part of SEO is drip-feeding interesting and engaging articles about your niche, and if you’re trying to reach local consumers then you want those articles to have a local twist. People are more likely to take an interest in your company if you talk about things that interest them – and it comes across as more authentic if you sound like you know the area well. A Perth SEO company will be able to get to know your brand and talk to your customers in an engaging manner.

A huge part of SEO these days is local optimisation; improving your site so that it will rank well in the search engines as far as mobile results are concerned. Mobile search is an important field. When a user searches for something on their smartphone, such as “coffee shops” they are looking for somewhere to go right now. They have very strong “purchase intent” so it is a good idea to capitalize on that by having your information appear at the top of the search results, along with your contact details and your opening hours.

Desktop search is still useful – and a lot of people do research potential venues before they head out. But poor mobile performance will impair your rankings across the board, not just on mobile devices.

That’s why a flexible and broad approach to marketing is so important. If you can rank well on mobile, and have a good social media marketing policy, and have good article marketing and PR then you will be in a strong position to reach as many customers as possible.

You could do SEO yourself, but it is something that takes a significant time investment. If you cannot afford to put a few minutes into SEO every week then you will be better off paying an expert to look after your site for you. A good local SEO company will work more quickly than you could, because they already have all the tools that they need to do a good job. They will be able to choose the most important keywords to optimise for, and they will be able to track the performance of their campaigns better as well.

SEO is hard work, and only the best companies will succeed. Many local companies have policies which say that they will only work for one client per niche – so one Perth SEO firm might take on just one Chinese restaurant and just one bike repair company. The reason for this is that if they were to work with a second client in the same niche, then they would struggle to promote both properly since they would be directly competing with each other.

Be wary of any SEO company that makes promises about the performance of their campaigns. It’s OK to say what they will do, but they cannot say that as a result of that work you will get onto the front age or the top spot, because only Google knows exactly how the ranking algorithm works and even if the algorithm was completely transparent there’s no guarantee that your efforts would “beat” that of a rival. The best anyone can do is follow best practices, and that’s something that your rivals will be doing as well. Use SEO for the other benefits it gives, and let rankings follow.

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