Small Business SEO Mackay Tips

Small Business SEO Mackay Tips

When you run a small business it is best that you know about search engine optimization. Your SEO Mackay strategy can seriously affect where your business is ranked on the search engines and how many visitors you have. Many of the SEO Mackay tips you find will be easy to implement, while others will take more time.

Ensure Your Website Is Search Engine Friendly

Most platform hosted websites are already search engine friendly. However, if you are creating the website or having it custom designed then you need to ensure it is search engine friendly. In order to be search engine friendly the website much as clear coding that the search engine spiders will be able to read.

You should also ensure that your website is light on flash because this can slow the speed of the entire website. If you do have flash on the site you should ensure that there are text based descriptions in the coding for the website. The same should be done for any videos that you have on the site as search engines are only able to read text.

Create A Keyword List

Keyword research is an essential part of SEO Mackay, but is also a part where many small businesses falter. You do not have to use keyword research tools to start your list. All you need to do think about how you would search for your company on a search engine and make notes of the keywords and phrases that you would use. These should be the keywords that you start with.

While this is a good place to start you will need to complete further research into the keywords. Once you have the first phrases you can search on Google for these words and take note of the suggested searches as well. Once you have exhausted this method of keyword collection you should turn to keyword tools.

The tools will offer you additional keywords alongside a competition rating for the keyword. Keywords with higher levels of competition will be harder to rank for. However, you should ensure that low competition keywords have a decent number of monthly searches. The monthly searches will be listed by the tools, but some tools will break this down further to show the number of searches in geographic locations.

Have Top Keywords On The Homepage

In order to rank for search terms, you need to have them on your website. You should choose two or three of the top keywords from your list and include them on your business homepage. Most small businesses will have a brief description of their services or products on their homepage and you should include your keywords there.

Of course, if you have many pages on your website you should consider ranking for these keywords on other pages as well. Content is important to ranking and having quality information related to the keywords will help you rank.

Have A Business Blog

Most business websites are fairly static with there being little room to add new content. Having a blog linked to your website is a great way to add new content to the site without actually changing the main website layout. Blogs are ideal because search engines are able to easily read them and they tell the search engine that your website is still active.

The content that you put on the blog should be relevant to your business and offer valuable information to the readers. Linking back to your main website is also important because this will help with conversions. When you post content you need to have keywords in the content and it is recommended that you focus on one keyword per post. The keyword needs to flow naturally in the text and should not be placed too make times.

Post Links To Content On Social Media

Once you have quality content on your site you should start posting links to it on social media. This is a great way to start building back links to your site and will help new customers find you. If you have friends or family who are willing you could ask them to share information about your business. The more people see your content, the higher your website traffic will be.

As a small business, you will not be able to maintain a presence on all social media platforms. You need to choose three platforms which offer the best advantage to your business. If your business is very visually based than a platform like Pinterest or Instagram might be best. If you are going to be offering professional services than a platform like LinkedIn would be best.

Hire An SEO Firm

If you are having a hard time deciding where to start or feel overwhelmed by the idea of SEO, then you can hire a professional. There are a number of companies that offer to complete your SEO for you. Of course, you need to ensure they are using the correct strategies and that they are within your budget.

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